Monday, February 22, 2010


Alright - soooo it is a BOY! We are stoked - but are already having issues with the name....I am pretty positive this kid won't have a name when I leave the hospital haha. We were looking at "C" names but I think that is out the window. I really don't love any of the ones we have found and we are moving on to another letter. There are tons of names I love but Chris doesn't and vice versa...I thin Chris' name of choice right now is Cash Money Roman! Very serious. He would love the baby to have his initials which is a nice sweet thing to do - but the C names are not flyin' right now...please let me know if you can think of cute ones...but we all know I am very hard to please :).

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2 days ago, I went to the gym with Chris and he showed me some exercises to do to strengthen my core and so I followed along and did the planks and sit ups on balls and whatever else he had up his sleeve. And it has been 2 days and I wanna shoot myself. My tummy is KILLING me! I had to have Chris PUSH me up from bed this morning because it hurt too bad to use my stomach muscles to pull myself up! All day, any movements have been paaaaiiiiinfuuullll. UGH. I have to go to class tonight and climb this ridiculously huge flight of stairs and am already wishing I had someone to carry me up! WAAAY too out of shape and need to work my booty off if I want this pregnancy to be easy - not to mention the delivery! So I am attempting to suck it up and make it back into the gym - but NOT tonight because I might die.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

So, I was laying in bed just now, watching Bridezillas....(ughhh says Chris) and I was recalling a silly incident while riding the elevator to get more boxes out of our cars....the elevator skipped our floor entirely and I started bitching....well, all I have been doing lately is bitching, really, about everything, including the fact that I am getting fat - regardless of how many times Chris tells me I am SUPPOSED to be getting fat right now. Ok, so Chris then said that it didn't stop and skipped our floor because the elevator "knew" I was a "heifer with cheese." haha I then burst out laughing when the elevator skipped us again! So I am in bed right now - recalling this and we both burst out laughing except only one of us pees our pants...and it isn't Chris....ay dios mio....this baby is killing me and my underwear collection. 


UGHHHH. This move is NEVER going to end I swear! I just want it over with and wish my mom was here to get her stuff out of the house! It is toooo much! But, there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel but the baby's room is full of boxes and craft supplies that I haven't figured out how to organize yet - I am very thankful we decided to move well before the due date! haha. Anyway - I think I finally look pregnant and FAT and need Chris to take a picture although I have been dragging my feet because I don't wanna see how chunky I look haha. I guess I better do it now because from here on out - I will only get bigger!! 
On another note - Super Bowl is tomorrow and I could honestly give a rats ass haha. I don't even know if we are doing anything and I am ok with that - I have massive amounts of homework from this damn online class with a wackadoo professor who thinks 7 assignments a week and spending at LEAST 10 hours a week on his class is a "reasonable amount" of time and work....honestly....according to his syllabus from hell. Still better than my schedule from last semester so I digress. Anyhow - I have been feeling pretty good overall and am loving this second trimester thing a WHOLE LOT more than the 1st....that was such a drag - and I think will semi-prepare me for the third.....who am I kidding - I will probably be more miserable than before but at least I will be closer to the finish line and not so anxious about things to come. I have been having terribly weird dreams involving awful pregnancy complications that make me nervous - but I know myself well enough and the hypochondria has been around well before this tiny (orange - sized) baby! Alright - time for some tv and beddy-bye :) night night!

Monday, February 1, 2010


So, I don't look pregnant yet - just fat. I just look like I ate too many cheeseburgers or something and the worst part is that the only pants that are comfortable to wear already made me look enormous so now I just feel like the blob....its ridiculous. I seriously wish my belly was bigger right nw so at least people would know what was up instead of I wonder why Nathan and Katie's nanny wears the same fat pants every day?? None of my damn bras fit and I don't want to go up a damn size because I don't think the size I am now will last long - they just keep getting bigger and I never though I would say this but it needs to stop. I was driving down seaworld drive today to get onto the 5N...and what should I see along the road but multiple "Tsunami Evacuation Route" signs with a large arrow pointing in the direction of the road and now I have seen them everywhere including Ocean beach, about a block from the beach, pointing away from the beach...a few things...1. duh - if there was a huge effing wave coming my way, even if you were 100% new to seeing the Pacific Ocean, wouldn't your gut reaction be to run AWAY from the water?!? and perhaps if you need a sign to show you which direction to run, you should just let natural selection take its course.....2. where are these tsunamis anyway? is the government trying to slyly and subliminally let us know that we are totally doomed?...and 3. isn't the city of San Diego hurting for money? Why did they think this was a logical way to spend it?
Alright - ridiculously tired today so night night!