Monday, August 30, 2010

Well, I took Cy for his one month check up and woah, baby! He is getting biiiig! He is now 10 lb. 10 oz. and 22 1/2 inches long!!! He is in the 90th percentile for height and 75th for weight - he is going to be a tall skinny guy just like his daddy! He is smiling a lot today too...I didn't have to make an obscene noise or ridiculous face - I just smiled at him and he smiled back! It was very cool.
I also have awesome pictures from our family photo shoot this is a sample! Happy Monday!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend fun

Yesterday I actually got to hit up Fashion Valley and get some cute new clothes woohoo - everything in my wardrobe either doesn't fit or is not breastfeeding conducive! It was very nice to get some new stuff and get to just walk around the mall for a few hours. Then, today, we decided that since we have ZERO pictures of Chris, the baby, and me together, we should probably get that done before he gets any bigger. So, we set out with Ry to this really random, amazing, remote, secret location and took some pics! It was this awesome canyon in the North Park area that has this cool wooden swing and little foot bridges and lots of trees. We had fun and it was such a pretty day. I can't wait to see the photos! Then we decided to hit up Urban Solace since we were in the area and I was a happy Chelle! Got to get some of my favorite food with my favorite guys and actually got to order a drink off of the big girl's menu! Now we are just hanging out and relaxing on a beautiful Sunday.
Tomorrow Cy has his one month check up - can't wait to see how big he is getting! I will check back tomorrow and hopefully will have some pics to share from our little shoot today! :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

One Month Old!!

Cannot believe my little Cy is already a month old! How can it be? Time is zooming and life around here is awesome! Chris and I are exhausted and a little insane at times but we could not be any happier. It is amazing how much love and joy this little guy has brought into our lives in one short month. We are loving him so much and love watching him change every day. For starters, he is chunking out hard core and definitely doesn't look like that tiny newborn anymore and now he is smiling and definitely reacting more to us. He is turning into such an awesome little person right before our eyes! He is growing out of his newborn clothes and is already out of his newborn diapers...I had to buy size ones! This weekend we are going with Ry to take some family pictures so hopefully they look awesome and I'll share them on here asap!
Well, I am off to bed - but happy one month to my CyGuy!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Grunty Gus the Chunky Monkey

So, literally - day and night - all Cyler does is grunt! He doesn't make pretty little baby noises - he just grunts allllll the time. My little baby sounds like a goat! We don't sleep much around here - not because he is not sleeping well - because he still pretty much wakes up once in the middle of the night - but because he grunts! I am almost afraid he might have a little reflux because of the grunting and his tendency to spit up mass quantities, but for the most part he a pretty happy baby and is gaining weight like gang busters. At the breastfeeding support group yesterday, we weighed him, fed him, and weighed him again, to see how much he gets at a feeding. Well, his beginning weight was 10 lb. 5 oz.! Lordy! I was shocked! He is definitely getting enough of mama's milk! Then, to show just how much, after his feeding, his weight was 10 lb. 10 oz.!! Our little chunky monkey is getting 5 ounces at a feeding.....much more than I thought he was getting and much more than most babies. But, apparently I can't overfeed him right now so he is just a healthy growing boy! It was very reassuring to know that I am definitely producing enough and doing everything right. I think he might be going through some sort of growth spurt at the moment though because he definitely seems hungry more often and is eating for longer spurts....and today Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky CyCy was a mess! He decided he did not need to nap today for more than 10 minutes at a time and was definitely fussier than normal. He ate tons though and doesn't seem to be spitting up as much so that's good and he seems to be settling down this afternoon - of course - right as Chris gets home! Cy seems to always do better in the afternoon and evenings than int he morning and early afternoon - so when Chris comes home to a frazzled mommy and a happy quiet baby I'm sure he thinks I am being dramatic haha!
On another note - I am trying to learn how to do this blogging stuff better - my layout isn't very fun and creative and I am definitely not technologically advanced enough to figure out how to make it better - so any help and pointers would be great! :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cyler is 4 weeks old!!!

My little CyCy is 4 weeks old today! CRAZY! Time is just zooming by and I can't believe how much he has already changed in 4 short weeks! He is smiling now and making lots of fun noises - we especially like the grunting day and night. He is also chunking out big time! I am going to a breastfeeding group today and will get to weigh him to see how big he has gotten but my guess is well over 9 pounds! Some of his newborn clothes are getting tight on him - he isn't quite into all of the 0-3 month stuff yet but he is definitely growing quickly!
The one thing I can tell about Cy - which makes me really happy - is that he is gonna be a water baby just like his mama! He absolutely loves taking baths and no matter how cranky he is it is the sure fire way to quiet him down. I have also been dumping water right on his face so when we finally do get him in the pool he won't be shocked with water splashing him in the eyes or anything. He also loves tummy time - score! He is already looking strong too - his neck control is great for his age and he seems to get stronger every day. One of Chris' favorite things to do is put him on his chest for a little tummy time and watch him climb up from Chris' waist all the way up to his neck. Chris is convinced he will be crawling much sooner than the average baby haha. But really he is getting so strong! He doesn't look and act like a little newborn anymore! It is very cool to watch the sudden changes but also a little sad! Last night we even put him in big boy jammies instead of a swaddle and he did great! We also started bottles last night and he got to eat with daddy for once - again - he did just great! Everyday I keep crossing my fingers and knocking on wood that this awesome behavior and temperament will stick around! So far he has been the dream baby and we definitely do not take it for granted!
On another note - I want to do something cute every month for Cy's "monthly birthday". I want to think of a cute idea for taking his picture once a month with something that shows hoe old he is but haven't thought of anything really original. He will be a month in just a few days so I hope I think of something soon! :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Finally Back!

Well, I am back after a few month hiatus and life is definitely new in every way! Cyler Michael-Anthony Roman is here! He was born on July 27th at 5:29 pm right on time - on his exact due date! He measured up at 7 lb. 8 oz. and was 19 3/4 inches his 2 week check up he had already gained a full solid pound! He is a little eater and is already looking chunkier than his brand new baby self. Chris and I are already so in love and can't believe that we made such a perfect little guy. Along with his superior eating habits, he seems to be a good little night at least. During the wee morning hours and on through the afternoon he sleeps a lot less than should be expected from a brand new baby but he is happy and not usually cranky and has been an amazing baby so far! We feel so so blessed.
Grammie Carol got to come visit for a few short days from August 8th to the 11th and we were very very sad to see her go. We were so glad she got to see and meet CyCy when he was so brand new though. We got to get some great pics of Cy with his Grammie and Mommy too and Uncle Ryan did an awesome job! The pictures are beautiful and show how simply beautiful our little guy is!
Yesterday, Cy smiled for the first time (just short of 4 weeks old) and ever since yesterday morning, Chris and I have been acting like complete goofballs trying to recreate the event. He loves it when we pinch his cheeks and play with his bottom lip - it gets a good smile if we make insanely annoying sound effects along with it. But, it is so cool to see him reacting to us and connecting with us in little ways. I can't believe he is 4 weeks old tomorrow - He is changing and growing so quickly it is a little sad - but so so very exciting!
So far, Cy has been out and about a ton - to the beach and pool with friends, to the park, on a shopping trip with Mommy and Grammie Carol and already countless trips to Target! He is already such a good boy I can't believe it - let's just cross our fingers that it sticks! :)