Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend fun

Yesterday I actually got to hit up Fashion Valley and get some cute new clothes woohoo - everything in my wardrobe either doesn't fit or is not breastfeeding conducive! It was very nice to get some new stuff and get to just walk around the mall for a few hours. Then, today, we decided that since we have ZERO pictures of Chris, the baby, and me together, we should probably get that done before he gets any bigger. So, we set out with Ry to this really random, amazing, remote, secret location and took some pics! It was this awesome canyon in the North Park area that has this cool wooden swing and little foot bridges and lots of trees. We had fun and it was such a pretty day. I can't wait to see the photos! Then we decided to hit up Urban Solace since we were in the area and I was a happy Chelle! Got to get some of my favorite food with my favorite guys and actually got to order a drink off of the big girl's menu! Now we are just hanging out and relaxing on a beautiful Sunday.
Tomorrow Cy has his one month check up - can't wait to see how big he is getting! I will check back tomorrow and hopefully will have some pics to share from our little shoot today! :)

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