Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tall skinny bebe

So, we went to the doctor for Cy's 2 month check up and he is gonna be one tall skinny boy....just like daddy! He weighs 12lb. 2oz. (4lb. 10oz. more than birth) and is 24.5 inches long (4.75 inches up from birth)! He is in the 59th percentile for weight and 95th for height. Projected to be about 6'5", 180 lb.....does this sound like someone you know?! haha...He also said what he said at his one month appointment...he should continue to grow quickly until he reaches the 100th percentile for height or beyond, getting there by about 9 months! YIKES! One tall baby coming right up! I know Chris is already excited about getting him onto the basketball court.
On another note, he also got his first round of vaccines today :(. He definitely cried a little but don't worry, mommy was just fine! He was a little cranky today, but tonight he decided to just hang with mommy and smile, smile, smile! What a love!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Well, Cyler was two months old yesterday!...INSANE! Where has the time gone to? He is such an amazing little baby - and yes, I am biased! But, he is so alert and strong and happy and his little personality is starting to really shine through. He is smiling all the time and loves kisses from mommy! His new favorite people are Katie and Nathan - he cannot get enough of them. He just stares at them and tracks them around the room when they are playing with him or near him! So cute to watch. We have his 2 month check tomorrow so I will have his stats - he hasn't been weighed in a couple of weeks so I am guessing he will be at least 12 pounds but who knows! Also, he will get his shots so pray for me that I don't come home with a cranky mess of a baby.
Cy is also turning into a blankie kind of kid...which doesn't really surprise me, I definitely loved my blankie and so did Uncle Ryan. He just loves being in his swing with his paci, his blankie and his little cow that Grammie Carol got him....and then covers up his face and konks out for a nap! So cute, but makes me nervous so I then have to check him every few minutes to make sure he isn't suffocating himself. haha. Anyway, I will put his pictures up later on, but I think he is changing so much, he looks bigger everyday!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Back to work!

I have been neglectful of this blog because things have been hectic! Having Chris' mom and dad here was great - they fell in love with Cy and we had a great time showing them around San Diego. We even got to go eat at Mr. A's and Uncle Ryan came over to babysit Cyler. It was really nice to get out and have an awesome dinner and know that Cy was in such good hands.
On another note, I am back to work and I love seeing Katie and Nathan again! They are so sweet with Cy....Nathan just wants to sit and play with him and Katie jumps up to help every time I need to change his diaper. Very cute! It is so nice to be able to work and still have my baby with me all day. I don't know how moms drop their kids off at daycare everyday! I would be a basket case I'm sure, so I feel VERY lucky that I get to bring him along! So far things are going ok at work - but it is still day 4 back! So, continue to wish me luck!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Cyler Meets Grandpa and Grandma Roman!

Chris' parents are in town for a few days and we could not be happier. It is so nice that they get to meet Cy when he is still little - even though I already think he looks HUGE! The kid is a-growin'!! Meghan also got to see him again today and it was nice to visit with her even if it was only for a little bit. We are hopefully hitting up Balboa Park tomorrow to walk around and maybe even go the the Prado for some yummmmy food!
On another note - I have the smartest baby in the world....he is totally holding his own head up - it is amazing how strong he is - and even is sitting unassisted in his Bumbo seat (pictures to come soon). Then, he was laying on his tummy on Chris' lap and not only lifted up his head and looked around the room (which he loves to do during tummy time) BUT - he totally pushed himself up and supported himself with his arms! AH! Seriously - I was like - ummm CHRIS he should not be able to do that yet! So GO BABY GO! Cannot wait to see what each new day brings with Cyler. It is so amazing to watch how quickly he is changing! Can't wait for more new things everyday!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Nice little Sunday

I swear - Cyler gets cuter every day! He was a very happy and smiling boy today! He is really good at tracking us and also is really starting to be interested in some of his toys. He especially loves when I put him on his play mat. It has this toy octopus with a rattle that hangs from the center of the play mat bars and he just bats at it non stop! He is definitely starting to get a little personality of his own and it is so fun to watch him change every day. He is finally slowing down on the diaper changes lately - yay - so we are going to be done with the disposables very soon. Chris' cousin already sent us a few of the cloth diapers and so far they have worked great so we are really excited to get the rest of them - not to mention they are SO much cuter than the pampers. He also has been napping in his own room a lot - we have not totally transferred him into his crib because 1. he still is waking up at 4 am and isn't 100% predictable at night yet so it is sooo much easier to just scoop him up and feed him than walk around the house (because our apartment is so large and all haha) and 2. Chris' parents will be in town next week and staying in his room and as much as I am sure they will adore him, waking up at 4 am with him isn't so fun. On that topic, he only wakes up once and is totally stretching out his feedings - yaaay! I feed him at 10:30 or so and he sleeps until 4:15-4:30! Then he sleeps until 7ish and now he is taking regular, long morning naps so it has made the world of difference for my mornings! I still look at him at least 15 times a day and can't help but be so thankful we have such a good, happy, healthy little boy!
Anyway, Chris is out for the night so Cy and I are having a nice little date night. He, of course, passed out on me already (some date!) but I am thoroughly enjoying watching a crappy chick flick that I NEVER get to watch when Chris is around....he calls everything I watch "mindless tv"...which it is - but c'mon who needs to THINK while they are trying to zone out in front of the TV?! to finish my movie and enjoy the quiet around here! :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Caught On Camera!!!

I finally got a pic of that sweet smile!! Ah so cute! He is such a good, happy baby and I am still knocking on wood that his amazing temperament sticks! He is just pleasant and happy and easy to read. The only times he ever is a tiny bit fussy is when I have pushed him a little too hard and he is overtired. He is a little dream baby. He is also changing so so much every day. He looks older already its just crazy. Right now, he is sleeping in his crib in his own room for the first time and went down for his nap like a champ (with the help of the amazing seahorse and sleep sheep of course)! He also absolutely loves to be put in his carrier - which makes me think I should spring for a sling or wrap thats a little bit more comfy around the house. Its nice to be able to hold him and still have my hands free - but the Bjorn does get a little cumbersome when you are doing more than just walking around - ie dishes and laundry! haha Anyway - three day weekend for Chris and then Cy gets to meet Grandma and Grandpa Roman! We ae super excted for them to get here!