Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cyler is 4 weeks old!!!

My little CyCy is 4 weeks old today! CRAZY! Time is just zooming by and I can't believe how much he has already changed in 4 short weeks! He is smiling now and making lots of fun noises - we especially like the grunting day and night. He is also chunking out big time! I am going to a breastfeeding group today and will get to weigh him to see how big he has gotten but my guess is well over 9 pounds! Some of his newborn clothes are getting tight on him - he isn't quite into all of the 0-3 month stuff yet but he is definitely growing quickly!
The one thing I can tell about Cy - which makes me really happy - is that he is gonna be a water baby just like his mama! He absolutely loves taking baths and no matter how cranky he is it is the sure fire way to quiet him down. I have also been dumping water right on his face so when we finally do get him in the pool he won't be shocked with water splashing him in the eyes or anything. He also loves tummy time - score! He is already looking strong too - his neck control is great for his age and he seems to get stronger every day. One of Chris' favorite things to do is put him on his chest for a little tummy time and watch him climb up from Chris' waist all the way up to his neck. Chris is convinced he will be crawling much sooner than the average baby haha. But really he is getting so strong! He doesn't look and act like a little newborn anymore! It is very cool to watch the sudden changes but also a little sad! Last night we even put him in big boy jammies instead of a swaddle and he did great! We also started bottles last night and he got to eat with daddy for once - again - he did just great! Everyday I keep crossing my fingers and knocking on wood that this awesome behavior and temperament will stick around! So far he has been the dream baby and we definitely do not take it for granted!
On another note - I want to do something cute every month for Cy's "monthly birthday". I want to think of a cute idea for taking his picture once a month with something that shows hoe old he is but haven't thought of anything really original. He will be a month in just a few days so I hope I think of something soon! :)

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  1. Can't believe my darling grandson is already 4 weeks old!! Keep up the good work Chelle and Chris. I miss you all so much! xoxoxo mom