Tuesday, December 7, 2010

4 months (+)

So, I have been really bad about my little blog lately! Cy is already four months old - and a couple WEEKS! He is rolling and moving and almost able to sit without our help! Where is my little newborn!? AH! So much fun! He has been going through a little growth spurt and the sleep has been a little bit...ummm...interesting! Last week he had his first Santa experience. He was verrry confused but it was a memory never the less...a very pricey memory! $24.99 just for a CD with ONE image on it. Ah, they sure know how to get the money from mommy! Oh, well, one for the scrapbook. We also put up the tree this weekend and decorated for Christmas! I love it! Christmas is absolutely my most favorite time of the year. Here is the $25 shot!:

Also, side note, I have been crazy crafting and Alison had a party to showcase my clothes and kids accessories. It went pretty well, and I am still working on some orders. Hopefully I can really get this business going...next step is putting everything on etsy to sell. Can't wait!

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