Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Smells like Christmas!

Wow, where has the time gone?!? I can't believe Christmas is in a couple of days! And I can't believe my Cyler is almost 5 months old! CRAZY! I am so excited about Christmas with him though....cannot WAIT to see him playing with all of that wrapping paper (and his new toys of course!). He is such a big boy now! He is sitting on his own for little bits of time, and is even hanging on to the edges of furniture and standing up when I set him down. His favorite toy right now is his Sophie Giraffe from Grammie Carol and his Razbaby teether....the kid likes to chew! He has given us a recent run for our money waking up at night...apparently this is some 4 month sleep regression that none of us are very happy about but he is such a love nonetheless. And, I can't complain, he still goes down for bed every night SO easily and when he does wake up, he just eats for a minute or takes his paci and goes right back to sleep. I still look at him at least 20 times a day and say something to the effect of "he is so wonderful" or "Chris, don't we have the most perfect baby?!" I think Chris is getting sick of my sappiness....but he IS wonderful and he IS the most perfect baby! Well, I admit, I am a BIT biased, but seriously, he is such a ball of love and I just can't get over how amazing being his mom really is.

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