Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Is (Almost) Here!

I am so excited about Christmas this year. Chris and I aren't really doing any gifts for each other, and our family is all far away (except Uncle Ryan of course) but I am so excited for my Cyler's first Christmas. Today, Alison and the kids gave Cy some AWESOME Christmas presents and he was so excited! It was so cute to see his eyes light up when the new things were opened up...he could not get enough of it! I cannot wait until Christmas morning to see my baby get all excited. We came home from work and showed Chris all of Cy's new things and they played for a while. And then, Cy decided he was going to stay sitting on his own - for quite some time! So, we officially have an unassisted sitter! He was so thrilled to be playing with his new "gumball machine" and stacking cups that he just sat and sat and sat! So sweet to watch him literally grow and change before my eyes. Next stop...crawling!! As much as I love having him as my little baby, I am starting to sloooowly see Chris' side and can't wait to see my little baby boy turn into a big kid.
Well, back to Christmas - so tomorrow, I am making Christmas Eve dinner and Ryan and my friend Angie are coming over. We have a 21 pound turkey and I am going to keep it easy other than that...mashed taters, some veggies, a couple pies. Then, I am going to make some "Santa" cookies and the breakfast casserole for Christmas morning. Can't wait! :)

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