Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2 days ago, I went to the gym with Chris and he showed me some exercises to do to strengthen my core and so I followed along and did the planks and sit ups on balls and whatever else he had up his sleeve. And it has been 2 days and I wanna shoot myself. My tummy is KILLING me! I had to have Chris PUSH me up from bed this morning because it hurt too bad to use my stomach muscles to pull myself up! All day, any movements have been paaaaiiiiinfuuullll. UGH. I have to go to class tonight and climb this ridiculously huge flight of stairs and am already wishing I had someone to carry me up! WAAAY too out of shape and need to work my booty off if I want this pregnancy to be easy - not to mention the delivery! So I am attempting to suck it up and make it back into the gym - but NOT tonight because I might die.

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