Saturday, February 6, 2010

So, I was laying in bed just now, watching Bridezillas....(ughhh says Chris) and I was recalling a silly incident while riding the elevator to get more boxes out of our cars....the elevator skipped our floor entirely and I started bitching....well, all I have been doing lately is bitching, really, about everything, including the fact that I am getting fat - regardless of how many times Chris tells me I am SUPPOSED to be getting fat right now. Ok, so Chris then said that it didn't stop and skipped our floor because the elevator "knew" I was a "heifer with cheese." haha I then burst out laughing when the elevator skipped us again! So I am in bed right now - recalling this and we both burst out laughing except only one of us pees our pants...and it isn't Chris....ay dios mio....this baby is killing me and my underwear collection. 

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