Saturday, February 6, 2010


UGHHHH. This move is NEVER going to end I swear! I just want it over with and wish my mom was here to get her stuff out of the house! It is toooo much! But, there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel but the baby's room is full of boxes and craft supplies that I haven't figured out how to organize yet - I am very thankful we decided to move well before the due date! haha. Anyway - I think I finally look pregnant and FAT and need Chris to take a picture although I have been dragging my feet because I don't wanna see how chunky I look haha. I guess I better do it now because from here on out - I will only get bigger!! 
On another note - Super Bowl is tomorrow and I could honestly give a rats ass haha. I don't even know if we are doing anything and I am ok with that - I have massive amounts of homework from this damn online class with a wackadoo professor who thinks 7 assignments a week and spending at LEAST 10 hours a week on his class is a "reasonable amount" of time and work....honestly....according to his syllabus from hell. Still better than my schedule from last semester so I digress. Anyhow - I have been feeling pretty good overall and am loving this second trimester thing a WHOLE LOT more than the 1st....that was such a drag - and I think will semi-prepare me for the third.....who am I kidding - I will probably be more miserable than before but at least I will be closer to the finish line and not so anxious about things to come. I have been having terribly weird dreams involving awful pregnancy complications that make me nervous - but I know myself well enough and the hypochondria has been around well before this tiny (orange - sized) baby! Alright - time for some tv and beddy-bye :) night night!

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