Monday, February 1, 2010


So, I don't look pregnant yet - just fat. I just look like I ate too many cheeseburgers or something and the worst part is that the only pants that are comfortable to wear already made me look enormous so now I just feel like the blob....its ridiculous. I seriously wish my belly was bigger right nw so at least people would know what was up instead of I wonder why Nathan and Katie's nanny wears the same fat pants every day?? None of my damn bras fit and I don't want to go up a damn size because I don't think the size I am now will last long - they just keep getting bigger and I never though I would say this but it needs to stop. I was driving down seaworld drive today to get onto the 5N...and what should I see along the road but multiple "Tsunami Evacuation Route" signs with a large arrow pointing in the direction of the road and now I have seen them everywhere including Ocean beach, about a block from the beach, pointing away from the beach...a few things...1. duh - if there was a huge effing wave coming my way, even if you were 100% new to seeing the Pacific Ocean, wouldn't your gut reaction be to run AWAY from the water?!? and perhaps if you need a sign to show you which direction to run, you should just let natural selection take its course.....2. where are these tsunamis anyway? is the government trying to slyly and subliminally let us know that we are totally doomed?...and 3. isn't the city of San Diego hurting for money? Why did they think this was a logical way to spend it?
Alright - ridiculously tired today so night night!

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