Sunday, January 31, 2010

ridiculous day

I am gonna start with the nitty gritty here - today sucked - I mean really really sucked. It was just a rough day and I had to get the shit allll completely out of my room which I have been dragging ass on. Then, I had an appointment at noon to give up Tobi and Rudi...ummm that was simply horrendous and made me feel like the worst person on the planet and like I was giving up on my puppies and it didn't help that I had a rough morning anyway and that my pregnant emotions are effing haywire! So - I go to the appointment and was teary on my way there and some guy was petting the dogs and talking about how cute and great they were when the lady who worked there came out to ask if I was there for the 12:00 appt. The guy asks me "oh what is the appt. for?"....harmless question right? Well I attempted to blurt out "I have to give them up" and instead burst into tears and gushed out half of my life story and why I could no longer keep my lovely doggies. Poor guy didn't know what hit him - luckily for the two of us he was a nice guy and didn't say anything I could misconstrue as judgement. We parted our ways and I am sure he was wishing he hadn't asked what my appoitment was for. Ok - so I wiped my face and chilled out and went on with the one and a half hour appointment semi-tearless, answering questions, having the dogs show us "behaviors" and sharing ever minute detail of their lives and day to day routines and behaviors. Well, I gave them my donation and she explained that they would be there until adopted and would try to get them into the same home since they obviously were pretty inseparable. She told me they were about to take them to see the vet and perform the same "behaviors" with a stranger and the whole process that would happen before they were put into their room. She said that she was ready to take them and could keep their harnesses and collars since they didn't keep them on them so she took em off and I gave them hugs and pets and of course I lost it completely. I was a bawling mess and she was actually really nice and understanding. Well, she put the leads on them and attempted to take them out the door and told me to wait there so they wouldn't get upset when they watched me leave and then they freaked out - they refused to budge and would not walk out the room so after a little while she had me leave through another door and I then cried my eyes out complete with hysterical sobs back to my car and felt like the worst person ever. Chris of course assured me that this is better for them - I just don't have the time or money for them and surely not the house. But, it was soooooo hard to walk away from my little dogs. 
Ok, so anyway - ah - I chilled out and calmed down and had to go back to my house to get my stuff out of my room and whatnot and Meghan and Ryan were there to meet me to help out and I walk through my front door and see my entire room in trash bags right before my eyes in the living room! My assinine (I don't know how to spell it) ex-roommate took it upon himself to completely throw all of my belongings into trash bags - I was more than infuriated - this guy is just a douche bag - I mean who does that? no one has signed a lease yet or sent my mom any credit check information and he has taken it upon himself to move his cousin into my room! Ugh - cannot WAIT to be 100% done with that house! And then Ryan reminded me that for the first time since 1940 - no one in our family was living in the house and it made me a little sad and nostalgic :(. I do love that house - just not the headaches it has been causing me in recent months. Ah! 
Ok - so now to the part to make you all laugh - today I peed my pants! No joke - I sneezed and peed my pants. Now, I have never peed my pants - I mean ask my mom - I was an easy kid to potty train and never wet the bed - ever. Ok - before Chris says anything - because I know he will - there was one time I peed in his bed - but to my defense it freaked me out and wa apparently because I had a bad bladder infection - I know because I got so freaked out I called my doctor - but I digress - this thing today - sneezing and peeing my pants - it isn't the first time - this has been happening for a couple weeks now and I wanna shoot myself. Apparently along with turning into an emotional psycho, having boobs that hurt to put in a bra, and eating green olives, I also get to piss myself when I laugh, cough, and sneeze! Not cool.
Alright folks - dinner time!

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  1. i always knew you were a pee in your pants kinda person, hahah. and osrry about your puppers. also girl you could have called me to help you out with your room!!!