Sunday, September 5, 2010

Nice little Sunday

I swear - Cyler gets cuter every day! He was a very happy and smiling boy today! He is really good at tracking us and also is really starting to be interested in some of his toys. He especially loves when I put him on his play mat. It has this toy octopus with a rattle that hangs from the center of the play mat bars and he just bats at it non stop! He is definitely starting to get a little personality of his own and it is so fun to watch him change every day. He is finally slowing down on the diaper changes lately - yay - so we are going to be done with the disposables very soon. Chris' cousin already sent us a few of the cloth diapers and so far they have worked great so we are really excited to get the rest of them - not to mention they are SO much cuter than the pampers. He also has been napping in his own room a lot - we have not totally transferred him into his crib because 1. he still is waking up at 4 am and isn't 100% predictable at night yet so it is sooo much easier to just scoop him up and feed him than walk around the house (because our apartment is so large and all haha) and 2. Chris' parents will be in town next week and staying in his room and as much as I am sure they will adore him, waking up at 4 am with him isn't so fun. On that topic, he only wakes up once and is totally stretching out his feedings - yaaay! I feed him at 10:30 or so and he sleeps until 4:15-4:30! Then he sleeps until 7ish and now he is taking regular, long morning naps so it has made the world of difference for my mornings! I still look at him at least 15 times a day and can't help but be so thankful we have such a good, happy, healthy little boy!
Anyway, Chris is out for the night so Cy and I are having a nice little date night. He, of course, passed out on me already (some date!) but I am thoroughly enjoying watching a crappy chick flick that I NEVER get to watch when Chris is around....he calls everything I watch "mindless tv"...which it is - but c'mon who needs to THINK while they are trying to zone out in front of the TV?! to finish my movie and enjoy the quiet around here! :)

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  1. Yes he gets cuter EVERYDAY!!! Love the smile!!!!! xoxo Grammie Carol