Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Well, Cyler was two months old yesterday!...INSANE! Where has the time gone to? He is such an amazing little baby - and yes, I am biased! But, he is so alert and strong and happy and his little personality is starting to really shine through. He is smiling all the time and loves kisses from mommy! His new favorite people are Katie and Nathan - he cannot get enough of them. He just stares at them and tracks them around the room when they are playing with him or near him! So cute to watch. We have his 2 month check tomorrow so I will have his stats - he hasn't been weighed in a couple of weeks so I am guessing he will be at least 12 pounds but who knows! Also, he will get his shots so pray for me that I don't come home with a cranky mess of a baby.
Cy is also turning into a blankie kind of kid...which doesn't really surprise me, I definitely loved my blankie and so did Uncle Ryan. He just loves being in his swing with his paci, his blankie and his little cow that Grammie Carol got him....and then covers up his face and konks out for a nap! So cute, but makes me nervous so I then have to check him every few minutes to make sure he isn't suffocating himself. haha. Anyway, I will put his pictures up later on, but I think he is changing so much, he looks bigger everyday!

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