Friday, September 3, 2010

Caught On Camera!!!

I finally got a pic of that sweet smile!! Ah so cute! He is such a good, happy baby and I am still knocking on wood that his amazing temperament sticks! He is just pleasant and happy and easy to read. The only times he ever is a tiny bit fussy is when I have pushed him a little too hard and he is overtired. He is a little dream baby. He is also changing so so much every day. He looks older already its just crazy. Right now, he is sleeping in his crib in his own room for the first time and went down for his nap like a champ (with the help of the amazing seahorse and sleep sheep of course)! He also absolutely loves to be put in his carrier - which makes me think I should spring for a sling or wrap thats a little bit more comfy around the house. Its nice to be able to hold him and still have my hands free - but the Bjorn does get a little cumbersome when you are doing more than just walking around - ie dishes and laundry! haha Anyway - three day weekend for Chris and then Cy gets to meet Grandma and Grandpa Roman! We ae super excted for them to get here!


  1. Buy about 6 yards of some really stretchy fabric! You can cut it in two (lengthwise) and make one for a friend or have two and you can trim up the ends if you want it shorter. Then just look up how to wrap a moby on YouTube and you're golden! I found fabric in a bin for $5 at WalMart and made two, even sewed cute ends on it to make it look finished :) Even if you find fabric and spend more its worth it, they sell for like $50 each!

    Obviously I love my wraps :) (and bjorn, and sling)

  2. ooooo - good call! I dont know why I didn't think to make one! yours like a stretchy jersey/knit?