Saturday, January 30, 2010

Busy Busy

I hate moving! I seriously wanna shoot myself - I have to get all the crap out of my mom's house today and no one seems to want to help me! :( Chris has to do stuff with his uncle and Ryan has to go to school and do some homework! ughhh - I do NOT wanna do this today AT ALL and unly have a few hours because I am taking Nathan and Katie to Disney on Ice at 3:30....we are super excited and it will be a welcome distraction to the house....also tomorrow I say goodbye to Tobi and Rudi - I am already really upset about it but don't have a choice. They are going to a place where they will be adopted eventually and hopefully find a good home the two of them can go together. It will no doubt be an emotional day. Anyway - I am off to my old house to get the room cleared out! 

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