Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Icee cups for sale!

Ok - so first things first....I just got back from the huge scary Ralph's down the street....I mean seriously it is HUGE and SCARY! Last time I was there I literally almost had a panic attack in the cracker aisle...no joke. I mean - this place has a post office, dry cleaner, Wells Fargo, and Golden Spoon right there in the grocery store! Not to mention an entire section of the store that is bigger than most 7-elevens that is completely kosher - I mean seriously Rabbis work there and everything. Not that I would need a kosher section anyway - but this store has it all! So, you an see how I would get flustered and wish I was back in my teeny tiny fresh and easy! BUT and this is a big BUT -- I found something in the freezer section that I didn't know existed! Wild Cherry Icees in little cups! not kidding - this is for real - and they are like little icees! They aren't hard and popsicle-ish like I expected either they are all nice and smooth and frosty! So stoked! So I stocked up and I think Chris would have let me buy an extra freezer to hold more of them in if they would have had too many to fit our fridge's freezer! Pretty sure he is sick of me begging him for an icee - which currently requires him to drive a not so short distance! 
Alright anyway - so Cassie gave me Jenny McCarthy's "Belly Laughs" to read and if I had had more than 10 minutes to read today it definitely would have been finished - soooo funny! And makes me ot feel so crazy! Apparently I am not the only one who throws hysterical fits and forgets simple tasks and passwords to accounts I have had for years.... :). Also - my dreams lately have been insanely out of control - usually I dream in one of two ways - I either have a dream that is so real and believable that I wake up thinking- omigod did that happen for real or not?? Or - they are so ridiculous and unbelievable that I find myself saying - ok Chelle this is a dream wake up now!.....well - not so much anymore - last night my dream consisted of hovercrafts attacking me and running to work 20 miles so I wouldnt be late and having Nathan take me for a scenic tour in my car....and I woke up freaking out. I was freaking out in my dream and then woke up wondering if I was late for work and had to tell myself that Nathan can't drive! Very effing weird. Anyway - I am exhausted today so I am hitting the hay! praying for no weird dreams! night night!


  1. My goodness - where is that Ralphs??? Just FYI if you miss Fresh and Easy there is one just a quick hop, skip and jump from you on Mira Mesa Blv. - 805 N and get off there and its just down the street.


  2. thats good to know - I DO miss it!!