Saturday, January 16, 2010

So, it's been awhile but we have been in crazy moving mode.....we are officially in the new apartment, but still have a ton to do at my house and have a lot to still buy furniture wise for the new place! Next weekend I am gonna drive up to Orange County to see Cassie and Meghan so I am stoked but that means that this is THE weekend to get everything (well most of everything) situated! And then on the 30th, I am taking Nay-Nay and Katie-Pie to Disney on Ice at the Sports Arena - so I am reallly hoping everything is done today and tomorrow! 
Well-pregnancy wise, the mood swings have chilled out and the nausea has definitely subsided as I am inching toward trimester 2! Which is a huuuuge relief! Unusually enough I think I feel more chilled out and stress-free than I have ever felt - which is certainly weird seeing as how I am usually a stress case over nothing and right now there is absolutely a TON to be stressed about! haha. Well - the other day I bought a jar of green olives with pimento which I haven't had since I was about 5 or so - so if the ultrasound wasn't a big enough indicator - my craving was! Be back later!

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