Sunday, January 24, 2010

So, having a little time this weekend to spend with Meghan and my long lost Cassie Kay was much needed. I had so much fun catching up and relaxing - not having to think about anything house related was very nice. Back home I have been lounging all afternoon even though I feel pretty good still. I think I am officially in the 2nd trimester - well I will be 14 weeks exactly on Tuesday but I feel great and have a ton more energy and have been more motivated to get stuff taken care of. I think Chris is stressing less lately too which is nice. I do still have a ton left to do at my old house but am not as stressed about it - on Friday I went over there and took a look at my insanely gross room and was like - I don't want any of this shit at all - so I am literally boxing it all up for a mega yard sale - which will be greatly appreciated with a little extra moolah! 
So, right now I am watching a show on TLC about the tallest family in the UK and have a hunch Chris and I are well on our way! I take after my 6'5" dad and come in at 5'9" - which isn't huge but definitely above average and combined with Chris' height of 6'6"ish - I am afraid this kid will come out 30 inches long! But, perhaps that will mean big birth weight (cross your fingers) and will let this baby get out a wee bit early! We need all the time we can get if we are going to make it to Amanda's wedding on August 6th! 
Anyway - no new cravings - I have actually been eating healthier lately and still weigh less than I did before I found out I was pregnant which I am not complaining about - I was big enough to begin with and the doc says it is just fine as long as I don't steadily lose - which I am not. I am secretly hoping I stay the same weight the entire pregnancy and the weight will just redistribute from my butt to my belly - wishful thinking! Well, I will try to be more regular on here! tata!

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