Monday, January 25, 2010

So, I was reading my "now you are 14 weeks pregnant" email and found out that the baby is over three inches long! I don't know why ut for some reason it seemed huge! haha. Apparently it is the size of a lemon - and yes I will continue to refer to the baby as "it" until it has an identified gender - which I WILL be finding out thank you for asking. I am already itching to get in that damn baby room and paint away! Not to mention my mom has been calling me every other day to tell me to send her fabric that I like so she can make bedding and I have to remind her I NEEEEED to know boy or girl first! I still haven't decided if I would prefer to have one over the other which is a good thing I guess - I won't be disappointed either way! Currently the consensus is - Chris and Lish are definite it is a boy, Meghan desperately wants it to be a girl - purely for her selfish reasons of wanting to buy cute clothes! (which I couldn't agree with more) and Mindy thought girl last time I saw her so I think we are 50/50....oh wait - Carol absolutely is insistent it is a girl because of the heart rate (wive's tale - I googled it) and I think Ryan thinks boy - although he is thinking of names more than gender haha. He has come up with some crazy ones and then denounced my crazy ones and told me he would never call his niece/nephew by such names and would instead give it a new one - we shall see how that goes haha. 
As far as I go - I have been feeling GREAT - seriously more calm and stress-free than in a long time - however, I think I am getting forgetful! My mind seems to be a little tricky lately I can't remember passwords for things or random things I would normally never forget. Other than those gliches I feel pretty good. 
Ah - Chris is making me watch House with him - be back later!


  1. I want it to be a girl toooo! and i want to buy her pretty headband flowers and tutus and sparkly ponies =)

  2. Yes!!!! Definitely a girl!!!! Team girl!!! Whoot Whoot.

  3. my boss thinks its a girl too! so team girl is winning right now - and I want to find out like right now so I begin the clothes buying process!